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                                                       2019 Class Reunion,   September 14,2019
1st row:Wayne Taylor,Don Schilperoot, Brett Nederhood, Arnola Etaulin, Judy Thompson
Colleen Craft, Jim Jansen
2nd row:Jose Torres ,Mike Reichert, Jim Fragola, Harry Thomas, Barb Eisenhower, Faye Radach, Alice Hernandez, Rose Richardson, Sharon Wilson, Eileem Samons, Judy White, Gloria Weinbender, Sharon Palmer
3rd row:Bernie Jarmillo, Harry Brooks, Lynn Howat, Claudia Morris, Joyce Wiley, Rosalie McMinemee, Betty Bock, Linda Krueger, Kay Killingstad
4th row:James Swindell, Arie DeVos, Ron Cullen, Jim Stevens, Gerald Boren, Marcia Newhouse, Judy Alexander, Judy Lanzendorfer, Sharon Kinney
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